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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Diaz is from Los Angeles, California. Whether you’re basking in the sun-burnt ballads of Simple Days, or raging into the moonlit desert with After Hours, Diaz never leaves us short of a blistering guitar hook (see “After Hours”); wittingly sharp lyrics; or a bass line rich and fat enough as to keep calorie-counters away. 

Diaz originally started as Josh Campos’ solo project, recording on his laptop with no more than a USB mic, Garageband, and a little help from a friend on drums.  After receiving positive feedback on Simple Days and Routes, Diaz expanded to include Reed Anderson on guitar, Josh’s brother Fernando on bass, and later Ennio Liverani on drums.

Now as a four piece, they have since recorded four EP’s, and still use much of Josh’s original DIY recording techniques. They’ve been keen to release their music in short bursts rather than full-length albums, which has allowed them to enjoy some variety over the years, while still staying true to their sonic identity.

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