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Gutter Boat

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There are cruise boats, then there are yachts.  There are sail boats, and there are even some dinghies.  Then there is Gutter Boat, a project started by Zach Casas and Sean Bloom that takes you on a cruise through the not-so-touristy and filth-ridden oceans, yet still offer glimpses of serenity.


Relying mostly on drums and guitar, Gutter Boat chugs along with an air of indifference and an infatuation with rebellious melodic leads that create their youthful spirit.
Their first release to date, Hand, starts us off with "dream song," a surfy
garage-rock-like take on the classic "doo-wop" style that’s reminiscent of simpler times -- something akin to first beers, first crushes and early days of summer. The adulation for Velvet Underground is portrayed in “cool is cruel,” with its jangly guitar chords and leads, upbeat tempo, word play and time changes that demonstrate the variety they bask in.

Whether Zach’s reverb laden vocals are whispering sweet somethings through the rhythmic guitar riffs of “picking apart,” or yearningly shouting through the faster paced syncopated fills Sean lays down in “so messed," we’re left somewhere in a sea between nostalgia and introspection.

So if you’re feeling it, take a cruise in the Gutter Boat. You’re guaranteed a pretty chill time, but don’t expect piña coladas at some upscale resort in the Bahamas, expect beers and tequila shots at the local dive down in Mexico.

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