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From the haunting supernatural soundscapes of Shallow Alien, to the familiar, yet still-distant folk rock anthems found on Infinite Imperfection, one thing is clear: man Be Solo (aka Sean Bloom) is an alien. Or at least he knows what it’s like to feel like one. Whether or not he is actually from another planet is often disputed; though his musicality reminds us that we are all aliens at the core, lost in an emotional world that can be hard to navigate or understand at times.

While most, if not all of man Be Solo’s tracks are deeply personal lyrically, a window is left open by heart-pounding rhythms and twisting melodies that are all too familiar to the human condition.  This is best exemplified by tracks like “Plastic Lights” and “Slipping Vertically,” the two singles off of Infinite Imperfection and Shallow Alien, respectively. “Plastic Lights” sings of a looming and forewarned goodbye that renders the present hollow or “plastic,” while “Slipping Vertically” laments about the internal struggle for independence and freedom from being stuck in a monotonous routine while living at your parents house.

Whether or not you fancy “emo-guitar music” (as comically self-described by mBS), at least this is true: man Be Solo – through his complex and paranormal soundscapes, yet simple and accessible arrangements – reminds us of something we all easily forget. Although at times we may feel alienated by love, loss, misunderstandings, or inescapable routine – we are, in fact, not alone.


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